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Alternative Energy Manufacturing Solutions

Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions is a leader in designing, engineering and building alternative energy sub-systems from welded assemblies to industrial automation modules. By applying the LEAN manufacturing principles, our project managers drive organization and efficiency to support product R&D and production stage manufacturing. We currently are supporting key customers in:

  • Solar power - Both Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic Cell (PV) technology 
  • Fuel Cells - We lead the industry in the manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cell application process assemblies 
  • Bio-fuels - Both first generation and second generation bio-fuels systems.
  • Cogeneration - Recovers "waste heat" otherwise discarded
  • Gasification - Converting organic materials into controlled steam 
  • Other energy solutions - Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions offers ideas and concepts proven in various industries, we will work with you and help come up with the manufacturing solution that supports your requirement.

Alternative Energy Industry Experience

Our unique flexibility in staffing and multiple manufacturing facilities supporting various industries enables our customers to decrease time to market costs.
  • Real-time quotes - Save time waiting on quotes 
  • Customer On-site Supplier Representative (OSSR)
  • Highly trained local experts 
  • Engineering Configurator - Introducing next generation products by utilizing common parts across multiple industries.